TurboTax Free Edition – How To Set Up Your TurboTax Account for FREE!

The TurboTax Free Edition is an easy way to file taxes online without paying anything upfront. Get started today! TurboTax Freedom is an easy to use, free, and safe way to file taxes on the go. You can file federal and state taxes with the help of this software without paying a dime. It also has a lot of useful features like Audit Support Guarantee, which protects your privacy and ensures that your information will remain confidential.

TurboTax Free Edition
Turbo Tax Freedom

The IRS requires all taxpayers to file a tax return every year. This includes individuals, corporations, partnerships, trusts, estates, and S Corporations. Why not use the TurboTax Free Edition?

Sign up for free at www.turbotax.com/free.

If you do not have access to a computer or the Internet, you can still use TurboTax Online Free Edition on a mobile device. You will need to provide some personal information, such as your name, address, Social Security number, and email address. Once you complete these steps, you will receive a confirmation code via text message. Enter the code into the TurboTax website to begin filing your taxes.

Set up your account by following the prompts.

After entering your tax information, you will have the option of paying by credit card or debit card. You will also be required to choose a payment method. The method will not be billed until a later date.

File your return using the free software.

If you decide not to use TurboTax, you can still file your taxes with the IRS at no cost. Just visit irs.gov/freefile and follow the instructions.

TurboTax Free Edition is a free version of the TurboTax software that can be used to file federal taxes in the United States. It was introduced in 2009, and has been updated annually since then. It has more than one million downloads as of 2018, with over half a million downloads during the first week of January 2019. So you know the product is trust worthly and well tested.

TurboTax is available for download on Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store, as well as on Amazon’s App store for Android.

The TurboTax Free Edition can be used to file both federal and state taxes. However, it only includes four forms: 1040EZ, 1040A, 1040 and Schedule D-1 (capital gains/losses). For more complex returns, you’ll need to purchase TurboTax Deluxe or Professional.

Print or email your tax forms.

You can print out your federal income tax return that you prepared with the IRS by visiting www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/f1040.pdf. Or, you can e-mail your tax return to yourself using the “e-File” option on the website.

TurboTax is all about the simplicity of tax filing. It provides a simple and hassle-free way to file your federal income taxes, which includes e-filing your return for free. Much easier than the IRS options.

Pay nothing until you get your refund.

TurboTax Free Edition lets you pay nothing up front. Instead, they charge only when you receive your refund. The program will guide you through the process with step-by-step guidance and help from an onscreen advisor or live chat support.

TurboTax Free Edition Easy Tutorial: Step by Step Walk Thru

Taxpayers have the right to challenge an IRS decision in a neutral forum.

The IRS Independent Office of Appeals (IOA) was established by Congress to handle a taxpayer’s case independently of the IRS office that initially reviewed the case when a taxpayer needs to challenge an IRS decision. In general, if communications with the IRS appear to jeopardize the independence of Appeals, this office will not discuss the case.

Challenge An IRS Decision

What Exactly Is An Independent Forum?

If you disagree with our interpretation of the tax law, you have the right to appeal an IRS decision in an independent forum. We inform you that you are subject to penalties, and you believe we are incorrect. We raised your tax, increased your interest, or canceled your refund, and you believe we are incorrect. You filed your return on time, but within 60 days you discovered that there was a mathematical error or a clerical error in the figures on the return.

Appeals is an independent office within the IRS that operates independently of the IRS. All of our team members are IRS employees, and we do not outsource our work to private companies. This office handles thousands of taxpayer cases each year and hears appeals on everything from tax credits to penalties to employment taxes.

Challenge an IRS Decision at the IRS Independent Appeals Office

The IRS Independent Office of Appeals has jurisdiction over matters involving IRS appeals or other matters referred to it by the IRS Commissioner. If a taxpayer believes that any aspect of the examination, collection, or appeal process has not been handled satisfactorily, he or she can use one of several methods to select an alternate forum for resolution. By filing a written petition with this Office, the taxpayer has the right to have a decision or action that affects their rights or property reviewed.

A “case” is the name given to each petition filed with this Office. Appeals Officers handle the cases of taxpayers. These Officers work for this Office; they are not IRS employees. An Appeals Officer may not be involved in the operation of the office where the case originated, either directly or indirectly. Officers make decisions in an unbiased manner. They have been trained to communicate effectively, and their credibility is obvious to taxpayers.

Tax Payer Bill of Rights – Challenge the IRS

Tax Payer Bill of Rights
stevepb / Pixabay Tax Payer Bill of Rights

As a taxpayer, you have the right to challenge the IRS and have your position listened to. This is the fourth item in the Tax payer Bill of Rights. The IRS wants you to know all your rights when you need to work directly with the government agency on a tax issue. You can object to an IRS decision, you can provide more documentation to an open issue, the IRS has to respond to your questions quickly, and they have to look over your documents in a timely manner.

More about the your right to challenge the IRS:

When you get that letter the mail that your return had a mathematical error and there has been a change in your return amount, you have 60 days to contest the change. You should provide records that back-up you position. And you have a right to call the IRS with the number listed on the letter you received.

TurboTax Groupon Deals

If the IRS does not agree with your position, they need to notify you promptly. The information will come in the mail. You can then open a case with the US Tax Court within 90 days to continue your objection to any adjustment. If you are outside the US, you have an additional 60 days.

You can also raise objections during an audit of your return. If the conclusion of the IRS does not go your way, you have the right to petition the US Tax Court once again.

If the IRS is going to take more serious action against you, like going after old debt, or taking a lien against property, then you can have your case heard before an Office of Appeals, an independent body.

10 Tenets Of The Taxpayers Bill Of Rights

What You Need to Know About the Taxpayer Bill of Rights

What You Need to Know About the Taxpayers Bill of Rights:

Most people are aware that breaking IRS rules, even without meaning to, can be a serious problem with a lot of serious consequences. It may seem like this Federal government agency has all the power, but the IRS is also bound to certain rules they must follow as passed by Congress. Here is what tax attorneys say you need to know about the Taxpayers Bill of Rights when working with the Internal Revenue Service.

This Taypayer Bill of Rights was adopted by the IRS in the year 2014 to put all of the taxpayers rights into one place as defined in the tax code. The objective was to make it easier for the average US citizen to understand their rights as an income tax payer without having to search through the entire tax code.

Taxpayers Bill of Rights
Photo by KAZVorpal

The Taxpayer Bill of Rights has ten principles:

Taxpayers have the right of
1. Being informed,
2. Paying only what they truly own,
3. The right to challenge an IRS determination,
4. The right to appeal a decision under an independent review,
5. Finality in decisions,
6. The right to privacy,
7. The right to confidentiality,
8. The right to have a legal representative,
9. The right to quality customer service,
10. The right to a tax system run fairly and justly.

The Ultimate Guide To H and R Block Premium Tax Software

H and R Block Premium Tax Software provides a platform for tax filing for individuals, organizations and businesses. You can prepare both your federal and state taxes confidently because the software has audit support and secured data technology. H&R Block Premium enables you to select the correct forms, utilize the correct deductions and calculations, file online, and get a large tax refund.

H and R Block Premium Tax Software
Photo by JeepersMedia H and R Block Premium

Employment and income are two factors in tax preparation. Individuals submitting W-2 forms with less than two deductions should use Basic H&R Tax software. The Deluxe version is for persons who own homes, make charitable donations or sell stocks. Premium and the Premium & Business software are for businesses and rental property owners.

The software offers a platform for freelancers, landlords, rental property owners, self-employed and independent contractors. Features include self-income (Schedule C), refund reveal, free import, rental property (Schedule E) and Cost Basis tax calculations.

The benefits include the ability to update the prior year’s return easily, a step-by-step guide, and income verification which reduces the possibility of an audit. Also with H&R Block Premium, tax filers can find more deductions and optimize charitable deductions with the Deduction Pro. The software also makes it easy to file federal and state taxes, and provides guidance on mortgage interests, real estate tax deductions, and rental property expenses and income. The previous year’s W-2 and 1099 are also easily imported.

H&R Block professionals offer free advice to previous and new users, which is accessible after the software is downloaded or via telephone. Audit assistance is also available in the premium and other versions. H&R Block also helps with preparing tax filings, represents the filer if they are audited after using the software and manages any communication.

H and R Tax Premium Discount offers several discounts including free filing for first time users, free advice, free federal e-filing, mobile tax apps, and free gifts and gift cards for signing up.

H&R Block Tax Software Deluxe + State 2016

Simplifying the complicated nature of tax returns with H&R Block Tax Software Deluxe:

Undoubtedly, taxes are a complex piece of state and federal paperwork that has to be completed over the course of the year. People who work for themselves, and smaller businesses, often discover nasty surprises, increases and fees that they did not anticipate by the year’s end. These things are a fairly common occurrence, because for those who are unfamiliar with bureaucratic jargon, understanding this constantly changing sea of information is virtually impossible on the first attempt. This is why they often use a product like H&R Block Tax Software Deluxe to prepare their taxes.

Because of the type of Union we have, there are state and federal taxes to pay. Based on the number of staff members you have beneath you, there are mandatory contributions to be levied towards them. If you try to calculate all this in one go, the financial stress is bound to cause you to slip up. Obviously, as an employer, taking care of the people who depend on you is a duty and an obligation. However, you also need to ensure that your tax records are clear, and that you spend them in the most helpful way possible.

Get Your Maximum Tax Refund

State and federal taxes in focus:

H&R Block Tax Software Deluxe + State 2016 is designed to be user friendly. Its’ simple interface is a joy to use. In contrast to other similar products, it is frequently updated, and personalized chat support is included with the package. This is useful if you wish to talk about whether you qualify for federal extensions. In addition, this software tries to help you qualify for refunds, and offers you an easy way of converting any tax return gains into Amazon gift vouchers. These vouchers can be spent on almost any product featured on the Amazon website. Overall, this software will reduce the hassle of filing your taxes considerably.

The Benefits Of Turbotax Premier 2016

Manually performing all the calculations needed to file taxes can be very difficult. Computer software like TurboTax Premier 2016 can make this much easier.

Turbotax photo
Photo by Kei!

Manually performing all the calculations needed to file taxes can be very difficult. Computer software like TurboTax Premier 2016 can make this much easier. Since the software performs these calculations for you, there’s no risk of making a costly mathematical error. The software won’t allow you to continue filing your tax return until you’ve dealt with any discrepancies.

Get Your Maximum Tax Refund

You’re given the option of using a semi-guided preparation wizard and taking an interview. Whenever the software asks you a question it deems relevant, it continues to question you along the same lines. This makes it easy to deal with complicated situations involving amortization and depreciation. You’ll only be asked questions that are relevant to your situation because of the unique funnel approach that TurboTax takes.

If you have existing 1099 or W-2 forms, then TurboTax Premier 2016 can import these documents easily. You won’t have to generate forms from scratch either. If you use Intuit or another financial package to prepare these forms, then they’re already in a format that TurboTax Premier 2016 accepts.

Many aspects of the tax code are quite obscure. Whenever you’re answering a question that the software asks, you can push a button to learn more about the situation and any relevant tax laws. If you’re still unsure whether a specific situation applies to you, then you can read an article the software generates and determine how to answer. You can also connect with a certified tax expert who will provide advice through a chat function. They can even share their screen with you.

You can get the software for only $59.49, which comes with a free annual subscription to the TurboTax newsletter. If you sign up with the TurboTax advantage, then you can even get a discount on the software. The price is quite reasonable considering just how reliable the program is.

Do You Know How To File Your Taxes For Free? Let Us Teach You!

File Your Taxes For Free photo
Photo by Philip Taylor PT

Most of us don’t enjoy filing our taxes, and like it even less if we have to pay to file them. The good news is that you may be among the 70 percent of US taxpayers eligible to file your taxes for free. Always check the requirements for eligibility and remember that some free filing options are only available through the IRS website.

One of the most popular tax software programs, TurboTax, has several free filing options, and H&R Block also offers free filing to those who satisfy certain criteria. The equally well known tax preparation company of Jackson Hewitt also offers free federal tax return filing, as long as your situation is fairly simple, and some states, including Maryland also offer their residents free help by phone or in person.

There are several reputable websites and reliable tax filing software programs, where you won’t have to pay to file. Some of the most well known software programs include TaxAct, eSmart, FreeTaxUSA, Tax Slayer and 1040.com. Some other recommendations if you want to file your taxes for free are Free1040TaxReturn.com, ezTaxReturn.com, 1040Now.NET and OLT.com. Always check the requirements, which can be based on income, the complexity of your tax situation, the state you live in, and other factors. Keep in mind too that if you don’t want to use software or navigate websites, the good old fashioned IRS paper tax forms won’t cost you anything except the postage.

Intro To H and R Block Financial Education

Coming this April, H & R Block would be commemorating National Financial Literacy Month. It will be awarding scholarships in excess of $1.3 million to the participants of the H and R Block Budget Challenge. The Challenge is a free web-based tool that teachers can avail to introduce teenagers to an adult’s financial pressures. The experience is simulated, similar to a game. The program is conducted throughout the year as a part of Dollar & Sense, the firm’s financial literacy platform.

H and R Block Financial Education
Photo by vthokiejd

According to a national survey, 42 percent of teens don’t see themselves as financially fit. And the research conducted by H And R Block denotes close to 58 percent of teens are not sure of properly handling their finances when they get older. Teenagers are keen on learning finance, but such courses are only offered at graduate degree-level.

Get Your Maximum Tax Refund

H And R Block wants to fill in this vacuum through its Budget Challenge that’s being offered across 50 states to 155,000 school students this year. Last year, 100,000 students participated in the program. The scholarships are given to the top performers in April.

Even students who don’t win the scholarship would find the program beneficial. Almost every high school teacher believes participating in the program helps kids learn financial basics. In today’s world of inflation and financial crisis, such financial learning is vital for the youth.

Take Guesswork Out Of Your Refund Status With MyTaxRefund

This mobile app review describes how to track your tax refund right from your mobile device and get your Turbo Tax refund status.

turbotax photo
Photo by rick

Whether or not you will end up paying taxes, you will most likely have to file an income tax return. The process used to be labor intensive and involved mailing a stack of papers to the IRS and patiently waiting for your refund. E-filing made the process a little faster, but you still had no way to track the status of your return once it was filed.

The new mobile app from TurboTax helps to address this problem. Rather than calling the help line at the IRS and then waiting on hold for minutes or even hours, tax filers can use the MyTaxRefund app from TurboTax to track the status of their refund check right from their mobile device.

The newest version for the TurboTax app is easy to navigate and will work if you have used TurboTax or some other service as long as you have filed electronically. Users of the app seem to agree that MyTaxRefund is a great tool as evidenced by the 3-star rating from iTunes and the 4.5 star rating in the Google Play app store from Android users.

Operating similar to the TurboTax online system, users provide their Social Security number and ZIP code to find out whether their tax filing is pending, accepted, or rejected.

An accepted status just means your initial submission passed the test of items the IRS looks for on all filings. If the status is pending, that means that your submission has not yet been received by the IRS. A rejected status, while not what you want to see, may be beneficial because you are able to fix whatever caused the rejection immediately. This is much better than waiting for a response in the U.S. mail only to find there was a issue. In most cases, filings are rejected because information is missing or there is a problem with the signature.

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