10 Tenets Of The Taxpayers Bill Of Rights

What You Need to Know About the Taxpayer Bill of Rights

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What You Need to Know About the Taxpayers Bill of Rights:

Most people are aware that breaking IRS rules, even without meaning to, can be a serious problem with a lot of serious consequences. It may seem like this Federal government agency has all the power, but the IRS is also bound to certain rules they must follow as passed by Congress. Here is what tax attorneys say you need to know about the Taxpayers Bill of Rights when working with the Internal Revenue Service.

This Taypayer Bill of Rights was adopted by the IRS in the year 2014 to put all of the taxpayers rights into one place as defined in the tax code. The objective was to make it easier for the average US citizen to understand their rights as an income tax payer without having to search through the entire tax code.

Taxpayers Bill of Rights
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The Taxpayer Bill of Rights has ten principles:

Taxpayers have the right of
1. Being informed,
2. Paying only what they truly own,
3. The right to challenge an IRS determination,
4. The right to appeal a decision under an independent review,
5. Finality in decisions,
6. The right to privacy,
7. The right to confidentiality,
8. The right to have a legal representative,
9. The right to quality customer service,
10. The right to a tax system run fairly and justly.

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