The Ultimate Guide To H&R Block Premium Tax Software

H&R Block Premium Tax Software
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H&R Block Premium Tax Software provides a platform for tax filing for individuals, organizations and businesses. You can prepare both your federal and state taxes confidently because the software has audit support and secured data technology. H&R Block Premium enables you to select the correct forms, utilize the correct deductions and calculations, file online, and get a large tax refund.

Employment and income are two factors in tax preparation. Individuals submitting W-2 forms with less than two deductions should use Basic H&R Tax software. The Deluxe version is for persons who own homes, make charitable donations or sell stocks. Premium and the Premium & Business software are for businesses and rental property owners.

The software offers a platform for freelancers, landlords, rental property owners, self-employed and independent contractors. Features include self-income (Schedule C), refund reveal, free import, rental property (Schedule E) and Cost Basis tax calculations.

The benefits include the ability to update the prior year’s return easily, a step-by-step guide, and income verification which reduces the possibility of an audit. Also with H&R Block Premium, tax filers can find more deductions and optimize charitable deductions with the Deduction Pro. The software also makes it easy to file federal and state taxes, and provides guidance on mortgage interests, real estate tax deductions, and rental property expenses and income. The previous year’s W-2 and 1099 are also easily imported.

H&R Block professionals offer free advice to previous and new users, which is accessible after the software is downloaded or via telephone. Audit assistance is also available in the premium and other versions. H&R Block also helps with preparing tax filings, represents the filer if they are audited after using the software and manages any communication.

H&R Tax Premium Discount offers several discounts including free filing for first time users, free advice, free federal e-filing, mobile tax apps, and free gifts and gift cards for signing up.

Do You Know How To File Your Taxes For Free? Let Us Teach You!

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Most of us don’t enjoy filing our taxes, and like it even less if we have to pay to file them. The good news is that you may be among the 70 percent of US taxpayers eligible to file your taxes for free. Always check the requirements for eligibility and remember that some free filing options are only available through the IRS website.


One of the most popular tax software programs, TurboTax, has several free filing options, and H&R Block also offers free filing to those who satisfy certain criteria. The equally well known tax preparation company of Jackson Hewitt also offers free federal tax return filing, as long as your situation is fairly simple, and some states, including Maryland also offer their residents free help by phone or in person.

There are several reputable websites and reliable tax filing software programs, where you won’t have to pay to file. Some of the most well known software programs include TaxAct, eSmart, FreeTaxUSA, Tax Slayer and Some other recommendations if you want to file your taxes for free are,, 1040Now.NET and Always check the requirements, which can be based on income, the complexity of your tax situation, the state you live in, and other factors. Keep in mind too that if you don’t want to use software or navigate websites, the good old fashioned IRS paper tax forms won’t cost you anything except the postage.

Take Guesswork Out Of Your Refund Status With MyTaxRefund

This mobile app review describes how to track your tax refund right from your mobile device and get your Turbo Tax refund status.

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Whether or not you will end up paying taxes, you will most likely have to file an income tax return. The process used to be labor intensive and involved mailing a stack of papers to the IRS and patiently waiting for your refund. E-filing made the process a little faster, but you still had no way to track the status of your return once it was filed.

The new mobile app from TurboTax helps to address this problem. Rather than calling the help line at the IRS and then waiting on hold for minutes or even hours, tax filers can use the MyTaxRefund app from TurboTax to track the status of their refund check right from their mobile device.

The newest version for the TurboTax app is easy to navigate and will work if you have used TurboTax or some other service as long as you have filed electronically. Users of the app seem to agree that MyTaxRefund is a great tool as evidenced by the 3-star rating from iTunes and the 4.5 star rating in the Google Play app store from Android users.

Operating similar to the TurboTax online system, users provide their Social Security number and ZIP code to find out whether their tax filing is pending, accepted, or rejected.

An accepted status just means your initial submission passed the test of items the IRS looks for on all filings. If the status is pending, that means that your submission has not yet been received by the IRS. A rejected status, while not what you want to see, may be beneficial because you are able to fix whatever caused the rejection immediately. This is much better than waiting for a response in the U.S. mail only to find there was a issue. In most cases, filings are rejected because information is missing or there is a problem with the signature.